Chinese Facial Massage

Price:  15 minutes $15     30 minutes $30


Who doesn’t love getting a nice relaxing facial?  This is a different take on the traditional spa facial.

Chinese Facial Massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage engaging 25 pressure points as taught by Lolita Knight (who has certified Debbie DeNardo). These massage techniques help tone, ease restrictions, ease stress, reduce lines and increase the circulation to the face. This type of massage  benefits Bells Palsy, facial tics, eye droop, sinus problems, eyesight (near and far), and TMJ problems.

The treatment focuses on targeted pressure points on the face, and  only uses natural oils (such as almond oil or macadamia nut oil) if any oil at all.  This style of massage does more than just relax your face,  it stimulates the lymph drainage system , and in turn removes extra fluid and waste products.

I have witnessed the effects of this style of massage personally and can say the results are amazing!